Who am I?


I’m a curious learner and adore reading across a wide range of topics covering personal development, philosophy, organisational design, life-hacks, thinking better, decision making,  management, leadership, coaching, facilitation, creativity and purpose.

The question I ask myself when I’m exploring books is: “How can I use this to support the development of those I come in contact with?” It’s led to interesting conversations and I’m always open to hearing about new books to read.

Development is a journey, not a destination and I’m enjoying it so far!

I believe deeply about helping people tap into more than they realise they’re capable of. 

I believe that through thoughtful conversations, questions and getting clear on the stories you tell yourself, we can release some of your potential one step at a time. I believe in exploring through and beyond comfort zones thoughtfully reflecting on the learning and the journey.

I believe we’re all capable of more than we think we can, and this is often inherited by our environments and exploring and reducing the power these beliefs have on us can free people to be more themselves than they’ve ever been.

I believe that improving the autonomy and choice-making in our lives, through raising awareness and increasing responsibility can dramatically improve our lives.

I believe that by sitting a little longer with tension and discomfort, massive growth can be the result if it’s towards a purpose. I believe that we have a daily choice to show up as our best selves or our ‘easy’ selves – the choice is ours.

I believe self-esteem comes from esteemable acts – through making small and consistent promises to ourselves and keeping them. I believe confidence is on the far side of action. I believe mistakes are feedback to improve rather than failures.

I believe emotions are useful information and shouldn’t be ignored but listened to with compassion so that we can learn and use the energy they can give us.

I believe people are inherently good and given the right space and support, can surprise us with their brilliance.

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