conversational iq

Improving the quality of your relationships will improve your career. Relationships improve through the quality of your conversations. Conversations are also how companies create and embody culture (or not!). I’m reading Conversation Intelligence at the moment and it’s awesome. As a qualified personal trainer I know and value the impact of our physiology on our […]

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Overwhelm can be solved. Stress building up can drain mental energy and clarity. Mental energy builds up when you don’t take action. Overwhelm follows. This adds more stress. It feels like a threat to your body. You go tunnel visioned only seeing the ‘threat’ and negatives. Literally your pupils dilate and you can’t see the […]

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perfection doesn’t exist

Perfect doesn’t exist. Yet we chase it relentlessly. When there’s no room for less than perfect, there’s no space for learning. When there’s no learning, is there any growth?! We push people to extremes and wonder why they leave. People are human. Even in nature, perfection doesn’t exist. The sooner we soften to this reality, […]

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the entropy hairball

The entropy hairball is why you feel overwhelmed. The definition for entropy is “the gradual decline into disorder.” I remember where I was in Dublin when I was struggling with work one day. My mentor and coach said to me ‘Just orbit the hairball, it’s not personal.” I had felt like there was something wrong […]

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when do you play?

Why you don’t play anymore! I noticed something interesting the other day with Ludi (my cat) and Elvis (my dog). When Elvis is around, Ludi doesn’t play. Ludi doesn’t play because she’s thinking about survival. Elvis is a threat to her. She’s afraid of Elvis chasing her. So this will also be true for you. […]

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have you the energy to grow?

Have you the energy for growth?! I was writing notes for a coaching client recently and it’s amazing some of the things that come up in these conversations. For example, this person is ready for a massive step up in their career to one of the most senior roles in the company. They want to […]

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what advice would you give?

What advice would you give to someone performing at the highest levels but paralysed by fear? The person I sent this to was literally performing on the world stage a few years ago at the highest level and I’m lucky to be working with them. I sent this recently because despite their success, they feel […]

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