The mission, my why

A million trees before I die.

That’s the mission.

One for every person I work with.

Here’s my high-level strategy – would you like to help?


I can’t, yet, influence global warming or climate change much and all as I want to. That defeated me for a while until I accepted this and then changed my focus.

I believe strongly, we’re better when we do and have spent time in nature.

Trees breathe out what we breathe in and vice versa.

So we need trees and they need us.

So what I can do is to make a small, consistent positive difference e.g. planting a tree and do meaningful work with my coaching clients.

I want to leave a better planet to the next generation than I’ve inherited.

HOW – my strategy:

I do 1:1 work with leaders and business owners planting a tree for each one.

They in turn, develop coaching practices within their business and embody this with both training and investment towards planting a tree for each individual within the company too.

I won’t be able to work with many people 1:1 and am inaccessible to some because of rates so I created an online offering called Close the Gap which is only £150 and deliberately not free so there’s some investment in yourself and this includes the £6 for a tree.

For any speaking gig that pay me a fee, I plan on becoming world-class so I get asked to speak in front of bigger and bigger audiences charging £6 per attendee paid for by the organisers which buys a tree for each person.

Current state: I’m at 80 trees and £100 in donations.


Do you want to help? Happy to hear suggestions, have your partnership or guidance!

My grove is below – start your own either!

Trees for Life Vitamin P Grove