Coaching with me, for you

You are someone who knows you’re capable of more in your future if you ended up here. 

You want to have a bigger positive impact on other people, those you love and those you interact with in your work.
Greater impact although exciting, is scary and increases the self-doubt you feel. 
Are you capable? 
Are you good enough to have this impact on others? 
People might also tell you that you’ve got so much potential. 
You’re not sure if you see this potential in yourself or how to achieve it. 
I can help you.
Your performance follows an equation: Performance = Potential – Interference.
I can help you focus on the potential part of this equation, and help you reduce the interference.
The potential here is you strengths, your future vision and purpose. 
The interference are you fears, doubts or insecurities and limiting beliefs. 
It’s all a story and I can’t wait to help you rewrite yours.
You will hold the pen. 
I’ll just help you get clearer on who you are, what’s important to you and what you’d like to do with that awareness. 
There are many coaches out there.
Some have done deep work.
I choose to have those as my coaches.
Some other coaches have completed 1 hour online qualifications.
It’s a difficult market to navigate for anyone looking to get coaching.
We all say the same things, right? 
This is what Chris thought when I first started working with him.
He was initially skeptical and wanted to make sure he could trust me. 
We connected in an introductory conversation where I explained more about who I was, why I’m interested in coaching and explaining my experience.
We got really clear on where he was and what he was trying to achieve and seeing I cared more than he did about his outcomes and goals, he committed to working together.
Together for just over a year, we removed the brakes on his progress by reducing limiting beliefs.
He now runs a successful business, has a large team and is happier than he had been in a long time. 
He created this for himself, but I was there alongside him to help reduce the interference and help him dial up his potential. 
We focused on upgrading his toolbox of skills to bring to his work and created clarity on some ambitious goals that he could get excited and energised about. 
This cleared the noise and allowed him freedom and headspace to succeed. 
Imagine you felt that sense of freedom and headspace, how would that feel?
You may instead feel like muddy water boiling in a kettle at the moment.
Muddy boiling water.
There is no way you’d be able to see anything clearly at the bottom of it – right?
The world feels busier than ever, like it’s speeding up and this means you have had to do more things with an ever expanding list of actions.
Your days feel like you’re always under pressure.
You spend your days meeting other people’s expectations for who you need to be and what you need to do.
There’s rarely any energy or room at the end of the day for you and what’s important to you! 
When this happens for a long time, seeing anything clearly, through the muddy water, is impossible
You don’t have time to let the water settle and so you lose sight of who you are and what’s important to you. 
Coaching to me is like a partnership.
I help you realise you can be a hero in your story.
You know there is an adventure awaiting you. 
As Frodo had Gandalf, I can be there for you. 
So that when you create time for yourself, the conversations help the muddy water settle.
You gain clarity and insight into what’s important to you.
You understand the actions that will help you get closer to your bigger and better vision of the future.
I’ll tell you what you need to hear, even if it’s difficult to hear.
You will know my intention is to remove the layers of habits and stories that don’t serve you.
All so that you can become your best.
All so that you feel empowered to get to where you want to be. 
I work with people who: 
  • Know they’re capable of so much more and may be held back by doubts or fears
  • Feel they need to be more like other people rather than completely themselves 
  • Are already in the process of change
  • May be trying to please others and not ruffle feathers
  • Hold a bigger and better vision for the future yet remain confused and uncertain about how to achieve it
  • Are looking to become a better version of themselves, physically and mentally
  • May be struggling with communication and leadership
  • Are ready to get unstuck 
First you will get really clear on where you’re currently at. When you know where you’re starting from, it helps you map the journey ahead better.
Then you’ll get clear on some tangible goals you can work towards. These are actions towards your bigger, better vision for your future.
You’ll uncover what’s holding you back and create a plan you’re excited about making progress towards.
Instead of filling you with more ‘stuff’, we’ll focus on what’s important to you.
This often involves ‘addition by subtraction’ where you’ll say no more often, choose what you want to focus on and have more time and yet be more productive. 
We’ll also upgrade your mindset and development so you’re ready to lead into your future. 
You will notice a change in how you feel.
You will experience a clarity on who you are.
You will gain insight into what is important to you.
You will increase the tools in your toolbox including a new set of habits and behaviours that serve you.
You’ll also feel a greater sense of balance and momentum in a meaningful direction. 
If this sounds like you’d like to work together, fill in the form below.

Anonymous – Healthcare Professional (COVID support) said: 

”During my first session with Philip, I actually felt like I was talking to an old friend. His brilliant communication skills made it easy for me to express myself openly and he took time to patiently listen to my challenges and then we identified key issues to focus on. After our first session, I felt genuinely helped. We worked out a focused plan and things I needed to work on to improve my confidence and self-esteem together. After only 2 weeks of his coaching and support I could feel a massive difference in my confidence. My ability to speak in public to authority and leaders improved dramatically. I already feel “awesome” and I would like to thank Philip for coaching me. The best thing about Philip is he makes you feel someone has got your back.” 


Jillian said:

“Philip and I worked together last year, when I was changing my career trajectory. His coaching enabled me to develop specific ideas and helped my to make huge progress in a short space of time. He is a highly motivated individual with a positive can do attitude. I would have absolutely no issue recommending Philip for life coaching, business coaching or keynote speaking in the future.”
Chris said:
“Started working with Philip 5 months ago in August. I was starting my own coaching practice and lacked direction with it. Philip helped me shatter some limiting beliefs and helped me set ambitious goals which has allowed me to take massive levels of action since. He is a great listener, coach and mentor. I will continue to work with him in the future.”
Rob said:
“Philip is one of the best coaches I have ever worked with – smart, intuitive and wise I can honestly say that he has been instrumental in helping me achieve some of the best results I have had in 11 years in business – he is also genuine, sincere and totally committed to his craft If you need breakthrough results then you need to get Philip in your life and business – a definite no brainer.”
Sean said: 
“Before working Phil, I was working on myself in various ways, though the old version of myself crept in regularly. The way I managed stress, anxiety and worry was not working. Phil picked my brain and offered fresh perspectives on things. He offered minor tweaks that made it easy for me to implement but made a massive difference. Phil was able to get me thinking in a new way so I could continue to make changes as I go. I am more confident in literally every aspect of my life which has a knock on effect on my partner, my son and anyone I come in contact with. All these people are interacting with a better version of me thanks to the clarity that Phil gifted me with. I just feel better and happier in myself on a daily basis. The service you provide in particular is phenomenal and it’s down to you as a human being.”
Jack said:
“After we spoke the last time, I started implementing your advice piece by piece. Yesterday for the first time in around 8 years I’ve stood in front of a group of people and gave a presentation. There was definitely room for improvement but the improvement I’ve made already within myself is outstanding. It all stuck with me. I never really believed in myself but spending time with you and the coaching shot me right to where I want to be!”
If this sounds like you’d like to work together, fill in the form below. I can’t wait for you to experience your potential.