Remember first that you are loved, important and it will get better.

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness.

I’m sure you have had days where things are feeling stressful.

You’re feeling overwhelmed.

I’ve been there.

I learned that resilience isn’t about withstanding more, but recovering better.

This changed how I thought about my self-care.

I found the CLANG model helpful: Connect, Learn, Active, Notice, Give.

This model gives a strong framework to build your own wellbeing plan so that you have a holistic view and set of practices.

I’ve shared some suggestions below to get you started:

Drink more water


Drink less coffee

Notice what you’re experiencing through each of your senses right now (sight, hearing, feeling, taste and smell)

What are you grateful for?

Watch less news

Spend more time with people physically or virtually than connections on social media

Learn something new

Find ways to help others

Move your body enough that you breath deeply

Send someone a note of appreciation

Listen to music you like


Watch a show that makes you laugh

Focus on the person in front of you when you’re talking with them

Spend time with your family – Zoom them rather than call

Reach out to your elderly relatives, loneliness is tough

Tell someone something you see them doing well

Go for a run

Hike a mountain and look down from the top. Appreciate the climb

Get into cold water safely with a group

Breathe deeply using your diaphragm

Build strength in your body – lift more weights

Ring a friend or family member and let them know you were thinking of them

Practice the guitar or an instrument

Learn to juggle

Keep a journal

Write in the journal!

Don’t believe all of the stories your mind tells you about yourself or the world

Read a book

Spend time on your own in nature

Have a coffee and focus only on the coffee

Be more present

Ask yourself: “Is this mine to hold?” If it’s not, let it go


Do something for yourself you’ve always wanted to do, you deserve it

Be kind to yourself, forgiving of anything you could’ve done differently in the past and trust you’re becoming better each day

Send someone a note, gift or sign of appreciation and let them know you were thinking of them!

Write yourself a note about all the things you appreciate and love about yourself!

Be kinder to yourself

Forgive yourself

Don’t wait for perfect conditions to do something nice for yourself, or something you’ve always wanted to work towards, start now

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