Motivation and Wisdom I’ve learned!

quote_107Live each day like it’s your last – so keep doing routine stuff that you have to do but do them with pleasure, happiness and joy that you’re alive today… you might die tomorrow

Why not?

Don’t have negative thought feeling for 1 week

Get out of your head! Turn down the monkey chatter.

Become great listener – 2 ears one mouth, use them in that ratio

Don’t listen to or compliment your ego. Don’t Brag

I am loved, I am loving, my family and God love me…

Live now, in the present, predict a great future! Learn from past but no regrets!

Don’t criticize condemn or complain

Don’t make assumptions

Find something to appreciate in every person and compliment everyone

Become curious about life and about people

Appreciate where I am now, it’s a result of everything I’ve done in the past – 22 years of living came to this moment!

Go out and live and get knocked down, get kicked over, but get back up and keep fighting until you’re dead

I will never be outrun on a treadmill

I don’t want to be second best at anything I do in life

I’m not perfect – so don’t worry about making mistakes!! But I am perfectly me.. J

You’re gona screw up – so use this to get to where you want to go! Use this as a bumper like in bowling – it knocks you back on course

Don’t quit! That’s failure!!

FAITH… Have faith in me… I can do anything I want to do… I will overcome my fears and get over all my negative thoughts… I will be successful… Because I can do it… like no one else!!

LOVE living – live with passion

I am GREAT and can be great!

Believe in something and be willing to die for it!

Know who you are and what you believe! Don’t worry about others – don’t make situation more complex!

Where I am is not where I’m going to be

Become something greater than where you are

Talents you have naturally – skill takes hard work!!

Excel in ridiculous work ethic

When sleeping – you’re working – when eating – you’re working

Dedicate yourself to be better everyday

Lay one brick at a time towards your goals in life! Small steps… nothing is impossible… Don’t try to build a wall, lay one brick as perfectly as you can, and do that every day, and soon you have a wall.

Make a difference if you’re going to be here…

Make everyone you come into contact with feel better leaving you

If you’re not making someone else’s life better then go and do that!

Represent possibility! You can do it! Become an example!

Believe it’s possible

Believe something different can happen!

Don’t be realistic! It’s on way to mediocrity!

It’s not gona happen… BULLSHIT….

If you say it then you make it real!!

Our ideas are physical – if we dream something and commit to it, it’s a push towards something in the universe and the world will adhere to your plan – we will demand the universe to fall to what we want.

Make a choice… decide what it’s gona be, who you’re gona be – the universe will get out of your way!

Motivate yourself by fear!! Don’t be scared of doing something – try it!!!

Don’t be scared to die for the truth….

Protect your dream…

Attack things you’re scared of

Demand universe becomes what we want it to be…

Become preoccupied with happy endings

Represent an idea – of possibility – of magic

2 + 2 = 4 if you accept that, 2 + 2 = whatever you want it to be…

Be a cause in the world, not an effect…

Decide and make a decision on what you want, who you want to be, what you represent…

I can create anything I want to create – if I study, learn patterns etc…

We are who we choose to be…

Become an alchemist- turn normal stuff into GOLD…

Become non-outworkable – work harder than anyone else


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