Dream more, Be more, Do more, Achieve more!

BESTDREAMLast night while designing my first seminar that I will be giving in September I was trying to think how to summarize the main ideas that I will be covering. I wrote out some notes and thoughts and then went to bed. And then the thoughts came pouring in! If only I could have recorded my thoughts and visualisations instead of sleeping but exhaustion took its toll and I drifted off to sleep. Before drifting off however I wrote down the Title to this post: “Dream more, Be more, Do more, Achieve more.” This summarised exactly what I wanted my seminar to cover in one sentence.

To dream more we have to develop a bigger and better vision of our lives and ourselves. We have to tap into our potential and see the possibilities for our lives!We can look at our beliefs about what is possible and believe that we can be, do and achieve more than we are currently experiencing!

To be more, we have to look at who we can become, who we can be with other people, who we want to represent to other people, who we want to be remembered as. Stephen Covey, in the Habits of Highly Effective People, mentions beginning with the end in mind. Imagine, as morbid as this may sound, your own funeral. Who do you want to be remembered as? What do you want to have stood for? What qualities about your personality do you want to be read out as a description for the kind of person you were? What’s important to you and what do you want to make important in your life? This says alot about how you live your days and who you are during your days!

When we dream more, and be more we can then do more. We can do more focused, goal orientated things and get these things done because they are aligned with our dreams and who we are. We can do more great work, do more things that make us happy and do more things that take us closer to achieving our goals!

All of this contributes to achieving more. We achieve our goals, we dream, be, do and then achieve some more! It’s a cycle of continuous development and personal, professional growth and something I just thought would be interesting to explore for my seminar!

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