Radical Candor and taking nothing personally


I watched a great YouTube video this week of a TED talk by Kim Scott on Radical Candor – the surprising secret of being a good boss.

It linked nicely to a previous post I had done on not taking things personally, which I had read in the Four Agreements but experienced in life as a response to events that served me well!

In this talk, Kim talks about being candid with your staff – totally honest but in a caring, constructive, non personal manner and the benefits of this in a workplace!

It reduces the back stabbing and bullshit that can go on in teams by removing obstacles to the truth and breaks down barriers in an honest, up front but proactive manner!

This is a great idea, one that is adopted by Jack Welch, an incredible business man who was CEO of GE for a number of years. He loves the idea and speaks of it in this talk on YouTube also!

With this idea, I think it will only work if people care about their staff, their development, their growth as workers but also the person receiving the Candor has to be able to not take it personally or negatively but to accept the comments and feedback, hard as it may be to hear, and react in a positive way to adopt the lessons into their work life.

I think sometimes we make excuses for our lack of action, lack of doing and being this honest with ourselves could also be a good thing but hearing someone else give you this feedback may be just the thing you need to break out of negative habits and move forward and upwards in your career!

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