LittleCoachingTip: Motivation and the comfort zone

Listening to a video by Mel Robbins yesterday on Impact Theory and had to summarise it to retain it but also to share as it’s so important!

Too often we wait until X or Y events happen before we do something. We think if these events happen, that then we’ll be motivated. Once we’re motivated THEN we’ll do something. These perfect times may never come and you may never feel motivated before you take action. So what then? You do nothing forever? Is that what you think is the optimal response?

Your mind is designed biologically to keep you here – to hold you back from taking action that may make you uncomfortable. Your brain is conditioned to stop you from doing anything that may get you hurt. This was wired so you weren’t eaten by a tiger or similar scary animal. Nowadays your chance of getting hurt in the “wild” is limited, but your body still produces the stress hormone cortisol to hold you back and make you hesitate. You stop yourself, and your brain then spirals this reaction by “spotlighting” what’s holding you back putting everything out of perspective so you’ll never take action.

This initial hesitation is what you could interrupt to achieve more success. Don’t wait in that moment – be aware you have a choice to respond – and make the choice to do something. Some kind of movement is crucial to developing, learning, progressing etc.

Imagine that you’re ONE DECISION away from taking action towards your goals. So choose a different decision or realise you have the option in these moments – the moment you could do something, or hesitate.

Decisions shape destiny – Tony Robbins.

Do something. ONE THING. Just do something.

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