Time keeps ticking – Be calm

It struck me the other day the shortness of time. 
How much of it we want to have and yet waste. 

How much time we spend wishing for the future, remembering the past instead of just being here now. Experiencing the moment. 
I’m excited for the future but try so hard to be present. 

If things in the past bother me, I try to see a different meaning that empowers me or the lesson I can learn. Then I move forward from that place. 

I’ve read recently a great quote from Krista Tippett recently “Be calm in the face of fear.” 

I love this. Despite times of doubt, times of uncertainty that we’re all in, be calm. Be with the moment, but be calm. 

Focus on that today – I hope it resonates with you like it did for me. 

Now to enjoy this coffee, right now. 

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