Resilience in thinking – be ok with the opposite 

I’m taking part in a 60 day workshop on personal knowledge mastery (PKM) with Harold Jarche (@hjarche) to get better at making sense of the abundant information we come in contact with. 

One of the challenges is on using Twitter to come in contact with other people with similar interests to learn from and share information with aswell. 

Setting up this network deliberately can help you come in contact with the information you want to explore some more. Other people can make sense of information differently and so being able to leverage this can benefit you in learning from other people’s experience. 

One of the other uses of Twitter is being able to come in contact with opinions that you don’t necessarily agree with. Being able to be agile in your thinking and exploring opinions different to what you believe is something that challenges me and makes me uncomfortable but it’s been interesting to explore. 

I think we often shy away from anything we disagree with because it challenges our beliefs and makes us uncomfortable. It’s easier to not explore these alternatives than to be with them and I think it’s worth experimenting by arguing from the opposite of what you think. Tim Ferriss calls this Red Team-ing yourself – where you deliberately explore this opposite thinking. 

The benefits of Red Team-ing yourself is so you can think of things that will or could disrupt you and then be in a better position to tackle these things or react more confidently when they do. It’s a good idea to spend time to better prepare yourself and this exercise definitely helps add an extra dimension to your preparation. 

I haven’t mastered the alternative information or belief piece but will try to share any insights I get as I explore. 

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