It’s been a while, 2018 lessons to catch up!

I typically share short form posts on LinkedIn and have neglected this blog over the last few months.

A few things I’ve learned in 2018 to help you catch up:

  • Speed isn’t always a positive. Intentional, consistent, purpose-led action is better.
  • Overwhelm is typically caused from past or future focused thinking. In the moment, there’s lots to enjoy and benefit from – and focusing on the moment can help you see a clearer next step.
  • Experiences trump money in the bank, but clever saving that compounds has its merits.
  • Trust your ability in conversations to listen and be present, reflecting back the other persons’ brilliance. Trying to impress another person is a waste of energy.
  • People will come and go from companies. Make sure they know how important they are to you anyway and stay in touch. You never know when your network will get you your next role.
  • Retaining information is less useful than knowing where to get information quickly. This could be digitally or through your network. Technology usually empowers this so learn to use it. Today.
  • We get an abundance of information daily that we have to make sense of. We habitually filter and remove some information unconsciously. Make sure this is useful for what you’re trying to achieve. Reflection through journaling can help with this.
  • Decision making is a crucial skill. To make better decisions we can do a few things, like adding extra information, people or time. Potentially decisions improve when you reduce each of those either. (Simple with less info, Smaller with less people, Quicker with less time)

Looking forward to sharing more on this blog over the next few weeks and months!

What have you learned so far this year?

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