The monster under the bed is all in our head

The monster under our bed is all in our head!

Whenever we have something uncomfortable we have to do, we move further away from it & the scarier & more uncomfortable it feels.

I’ve to present to senior audiences quite often & each time I feel nervous.

There are times I’ve had to present & I’ve had the thought come into my mind to ring in sick because of how uncomfortable & nervous I’ve felt!

The secret is facing the fear & the discomfort anyway.

Overcoming fears does not happen when we shy away & retreat from what we’re scared of.

If we do retreat, the fear becomes scarier than it actually is in reality.

It grows legs & monster’s teeth when the reality is it’s just a piece of dust under our bed, in this case in our minds.

In cartoons & scary movies there’s often a monster under the bed.

Most of the time the monster is an unknown presence we can’t see, yet we feel it & our mind plays tricks on us to create the worst possible image of a monster.

When the hero of the story eventually faces the monster, they face the monster head on & it eventually becomes something the hero can defeat.

It loses its fear when the hero decides to face it & overcomes it.

You are the hero in this story, face your fears.

There’s no monster under the bed – it’s all in your head.

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