Why you should be patient in an impatient world

Why you should be patient in an impatient world.

When you turn on Netflix and choose a movie you will get the movie playing within seconds.

When you buy from Amazon, it’s next day delivery.

You are conditioned to have no time between choosing something and the result.

Imagine then, you choose to learn the piano, or presentation skills or anything.

If at the first attempt, you make a mistake, or find it hard and don’t get close to the result you expected, what do you do?

You quit.

You lose any possibility available to you of becoming a piano player or being a brilliant public speaker.

Yes talent is a thing.

Hard work and time is also a thing and I don’t know any babies born that can play the piano and speak in public.

It’s all learnable.


The difference is you expect results too quick and give up on yourself.

Read that last part again.

You give up on yourself.

To fill the space, everyone else who is disciplined and patient, who set themselves things to improve, takes over and you become their priority.

You become their priority rather than you deciding for you what you want and sticking to it.

If you choose the wrong thing to learn or develop that’s ok, you will still learn something useful.

It’s ok to change your mind.

Just give yourself enough time to have made progress first.

Become your own priority.

Easiest way to start?

Pick something to work on, turn off your phone and get busy working.

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