Everything is waiting for you

“Everything, everything, everything is waiting for you.” David Whyte

I was sent this poem by David Whyte on my last day at Citi.

When I first read this poem, I thought it meant everything in the outside world was waiting for me.

New contacts.

New opportunities.

New experiences.


And these have all happened for sure.

On reflection though, it’s been the inner world that has been waiting for me.

To discover and uncover.

To unfold as I move forward.

To meet old parts and new.

Peeling off the layers of the old, sometimes painfully, so that the new can emerge.

The emotional and inner landscape of emotions and feelings is new to me.

My TedX talked about this deepening of inner awareness which isn’t always easy.

I’m using a few tools and books like Atlas of the Heart by Brené Brown to help me initially with this new landscape.

The darker parts of me were also waiting for me.

The fears, doubts and insecurities.

Who am I to…

What if…

If only…

A lot of personal development starts from a position of insuffiency.

That what we need to fill the hole inside of us is something from outside of us.

That there are parts of us that aren’t right or developed.

I think instead of this outside->in view, the inside->out view is more helpful.

Everything that is waiting for you is within.

It won’t always be easy but that’s the point.

Nothing worthwhile is easy.

Life and the experience of living life is an opening up to what awaits – inside and out.

Everything, everything, everything is waiting for you.

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