sell yourself on your limitations or your potential

Are you selling yourself on your limitations or your potential?

I spend a lot of my time working with my 1:1 clients and supporting them in their leadership and mindset.

I also give a lot of my time pro bono to connect with and support other coaches, psychologists, personal trainers and business owners to achieve the results they want in their lives.

I do this for a couple of reasons:

– I think there’s more than enough people to work with and so don’t see others as competitors
– I think the more people that are content and inspired in their work, the better the impact collectively
– We have some big problems to solve globally – we need all of the help we can
– We need people that are bringing their best selves and energy to their work rather than stressed and burned out versions

In one of the recent pro bono conversations with a psychologist, we spoke about pricing.

I said how much I charged (I’ve nothing to hide and I charge enough for me at the moment – not cheap but absolutely worth it) and they told me their rate.

I told them to double it immediately and double it again in 6 months time.

They said they couldn’t.

They started arguing for the limitations they had inherited from others:

“That’s a lot of money considering where I’m from…”

“I don’t know if people will pay that much.”

“I don’t know if I’m good enough.”

It’s all bullsh*t.

I told this person to write on a piece of paper all of the reasons why they’re worth the new increased price.

This helps them sell themselves on their value, experience and why they deserve the money.

Instead of arguing for our excuses.

This person won’t burnout, won’t start to resent the work, won’t lose the love of the work, won’t lose passion and determination etc.

And so they will impact many lives in the future in a positive way and their clients will have a better experience and get better results.

Because the client is getting the best version of this person who is feeling fairly paid and back in love with what they do.

Sell yourself on you, back yourself and watch what happens.

What do you think?

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