the entropy hairball

The entropy hairball is why you feel overwhelmed.

The definition for entropy is “the gradual decline into disorder.”

I remember where I was in Dublin when I was struggling with work one day.

My mentor and coach said to me ‘Just orbit the hairball, it’s not personal.”

I had felt like there was something wrong with me because I couldn’t make sense of the challenges I was facing.

This advice and the image from the front of this book (great / random book) helped me navigate what was ahead of me more objectively.

Sometimes our life can also feel like chaos because we’ve lacked focus or attention on what matters to us.

When this happens, the lack of discipline of attention means some areas get more attention than others.

You typically will focus on what’s burning or feels more urgent.

This does not help you grow.

This helps you fire fight while standing in one place.

This goes for companies too.

Instead, take time out of the hairball every now and again.

You get perspective.

You see things without emotion.

You will re-enter with energy and clarity.

Everything improves.

Have you noticed the effects of entropy play out in your life / business?

A simple habit I use is a daily journal entry of what’s coming up as far ahead of time as I can.

This helps me see ahead of time what’s coming up so I can manage my time and energy.

This physiology is very different from just reacting to what’s happening on the day.

Take back control of your calendar or entropy and disorder will take over for you!

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