Overwhelm can be solved.

Stress building up can drain mental energy and clarity.

Mental energy builds up when you don’t take action.

Overwhelm follows.

This adds more stress.

It feels like a threat to your body.

You go tunnel visioned only seeing the ‘threat’ and negatives.

Literally your pupils dilate and you can’t see the full picture – image attached!

When you can’t see the full picture, you’ll go into hyper-vigilance and negativity will feel like all there is because of the perceived threat to your survival.

You struggle to see how this can be solved.

Let’s restart and reset:

– Take a breath. Extend the exhale. This will settle your nervous system and make it feel safe. Do this a few times.

– Prioritise. Write down what you’re going to do today / this week and what you won’t do.

– Do the first one.

– Be honest about the timeframe to get things done. Overwhelm is when you see too many things to be done in too short a timeframe.

What do you do when you’re overwhelmed?

What tips would you share?

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