Handling Criticism – personal entry

This is a personal blog entry, not something I’ve found online that stood out to me.

This week I was criticized for my stage presence and for my singing ability. Compared to someone who has had years of voice coaching. I felt really hurt and felt I should give up my dreams of being a successful performer and singer. But then I realised, who has the power here in my life, me or this person who criticised? And I realised it wasn’t me, it was this person who held the remote control of my life.

So what did I do? I took it back, and I used this person’s criticism as a kick in the arse to go out there, find out if this is what I really wanted to do, find the reasons for doing this, and follow my dream with more conviction and motivation than before. I could have used the criticism to get me down, which it did for a while, but now I’m using it as an arse kicker upper!!!

I’ve written down a plan for attaining this goal of becoming a performer with specific tasks to follow and some day when I’ve completed all of these, I’ll look back and realise I should thank this person for criticising me, it pushed me on….

I know the more worthwhile a goal is, the morepeople will try to hold you back, out of jealousy, or them not wanting you to get ahead of them in life or whatever reason… There will always be people who will hold you back, so what are you gona do about it?

Let them mess with your remote, or take it back and change the channel??

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