How many of us spend our lives in work / college etc, thinking about work, travelling to work etc. Our lives revolve around work, college and our IDENTITY revolves around work. What would happen if we lost our jobs or had to drop out of college?

Who are we then? As a person who’s based our lives and being on work / college etc. who are we when this is gone?

It’s important therefore to build an identity around this work based identity, part time if we have to!

Why not work on being a better father, mother, sister, brother, friend etc? Develop a hobby that involves you with a social circle of like minded people. Then at least if one of these identities disappears at least you’ll have others to fall back on regardless.

Noone on their deathbed regrets spending more time at the office, they regret the moments that make each day individually amazing. So lets do thattoday! Lets start creating alternative lifestyles and identities in case one of them fails and we’re left searching for meaning and  a sense of who we are in life! 🙂

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