Stuck in a rut….?

ImageIs there any way to get out of a rut that you find yourself in? Or is the best route to notice the signs before you get stuck?

You set yourself a goal or have an end in mind and it doesn’t appear as you expected and you wonder what happened, how did you get here?

You find yourself more and more frustrated with little silly things and you wonder why… 

Maybe there were tell-tale signs all along your path and you were too blind to see the warnings because you are wearing blinkers, blinding you to the early warnings that could help you realize your goal and avoid the frustrations you’re feeling.

Does this feel right?

Am I making choices that are making me happy?

Are people around me happier because of the decisions I’m making?

Some questions to ask yourself before you get too far down the rabbit hole and wonder how you got there… Some tough questions I’ve been asking myself in a number of different areas in life recently and were surprised with the responses I felt. 

What do you find helps you follow the right path towards your goal? What have you learned from getting stuck in a rut? 


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