Raise your standards if you want to achieve in life


Watching a Tony Robbins video on YouTube a while ago he spoke about raising your standards to achieve success in life. I’ve applied it to my life since seeing this video and the difference is incredible. Everything is small increments when you learn something new and are applying it in your life.

I raised my standards and every morning I get up and exercise before work. Every morning I do SOMETHING that stretches my fitness, some days I’ll do weights, others I’ll run, other days I go out and cycle. The weather doesn’t matter anymore because now that I’ve raised my standards in this area, it’s become a HABIT. It’s easy now to jump out of bed, stretch a little bit and put on my runners and go for a run. 

If you focus on how you feel instead of what you’re going to do, you’ll never do it. If I focused on how I was feeling, how comfortable I was in the bed I wouldn’t move! Instead I focus on how good it’s going to feel knowing I’ve kept an internal promise to myself and kept to my standards. 

Raising your standards can be simply not letting certain things annoy you, not taking things personally, exercising daily, not gossiping about people, not watching TV and instead spending time with someone you love, reading more books, learning a new instrument, following a passion.

The difference I think with raising your standards is that once you raise your standards and make them a HABIT it’s easy! It’s natural. It might feel uncomfortable at the start, but push through your comfort zone, and I’ll see you on the other side!! 

What area could you raise your standards in?

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