Comfort zones – Get Uncomfortable!!


This photo really challenged me today! Comfort zones hold back and stop a lot of people living the lives they deserve and love!!

It’s easy to get comfortable and stay at a level that doesn’t challenge you, maintaining a level and not pushing the boundaries. But life exists outside the comfort zones, life is richer, more colourful and less mundane!!

What are you passionate about? What challenges you? Is there anything you would like to learn about that would increase your happiness and your approach in life?

Life is about growing and stretching to better yourself and your environment. So how can you do this? Do something every day that scares you. Push the boundaries. Be a friend to someone who struggles and needs friends. Be a symbol of possibility to others by your actions! Do something to make someone else’s life better or easier! Teach someone something you know. Push through the boundaries and ignore the excuses, excuses will hold you back, you deserve more than your excuses! So stop making them and get out there and start living!! And have fun pushing yourself, you will appreciate the journey as this isn’t a destination, it’s a journey!

Live the life you deserve and live it with passion!

Let me know how you get on, I’d love to know šŸ™‚

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