Parts of me are pretty AWESOME!



I always get a hard time in work and in my social circles because of using words like “Awesome”. Being from Ireland, it’s a completely American word and one that has passed over here along with all the TV series and Starbucks coffee shops to Americanize our culture here. 

Words are powerful though. Words can shape your mood, your actions and therefore your future. I like using words that have energy behind them when I’m feeling low in energy and it picks me straight up and focuses me again!

When people ask you in Ireland how you are, our automatic response is “Not so bad” or “Can’t complain”. It’s amazing as a culture how we’re always focused on the negative and how far away we are from it instead of saying “I’m great” or “I’m feeling fantastic” or my favourite – “I’m feeling awesome!”

There’s loads of great words and phrases you can use in your daily conversations that will give you more energy.

I’m fantastic

I feel great

I feel wonderful 

I couldn’t be better

Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP is based on the words you use and how they can make you feel different. The tone you use also has an impact and so does your body language and posture, but for today a simple way to improve your mood is to start using different words in your daily interactions.

Challenge for today: Start using more words with energy when people ask you how you are  and feel the difference! 


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