5 Minute Coach – Finding Your Purpose

Life is too short and too incredible to live a mundane life! We are here for a reason, even if it’s to selfishly get as much out of life as possible, we are here to do something, be something and give something to the world!

What holds us back is often the opinions of other people rather than listening to our own intuition and opinion. Our life shouldn’t be run by what other people think it should be, it’s our life and its time to take back the control over it!

Something else that holds us back is our fears, doubts and insecurities and these although feel real, they are just imagined and often completely irrational! We are born with 2 fears, loud noises and falling, the rest we develop as we grow up… Forget fears. Forget doubts, life is too short to live a half life because of them!

Fuck the people who are trying to hold you back and hold you into mundaneness – you deserve more and you cant afford to waste time with that shite!!

You have so much potential, start believing it!!

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