Keep going! Life lessons from cycling


Sometimes you can read about lessons in life but it’s only when you experience them that you full KNOW what is meant by the lessons.

Tonight I had the privilege first hand of learning a life lesson while also recognising how far I’ve come with one of my goals. It helped me appreciate how far I’ve come and make me see I’m going in the right direction!

I was out cycling with some friends tonight, different abilities of cycling but all with goal of going nice and handy on our route. We averaged about 30km an hour so we were moving along quick enough. One of the lads who is only starting out cycling was struggling for most of our spin. He didn’t think he could keep up with us and felt he was slowing us down. His mind had been defeated before he had even started and I knew it because I recognised this thought pattern from when I was in the same position.

The life lesson and the man who spoke the words was Henry Ford, who said “whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re probably right.”

My friend tonight thought he couldn’t. And what the mind thinks, the body follows. The mind and body will also find reasons and excuses for giving up and slowing down. So he slowed down, and couldn’t speed up. He didn’t realise how much POTENTIAL he had and instead focused on wha he THOUGHT he couldn’t do.

I told him he was doing more than he realised, had come such a great distance and that to push himself on way home would give him a massive boost in his energy and mood. We got into a tight cycling group and helped him get up to speed and stay there. He made it home and couldn’t believe we had done 20km further than he thought we had done!! You have this unlimited potential within you, if only you believed it was there and tapped into it you would change the world!! Develop belief in yourself and what you could be capable of and take ACTION towards it!! You’ll get there because it’s possible!!

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