The heart has no wrinkles


I’m just off the phone with a customer who I used to work with in my previous job. She is in her 90’s and said she missed me and rang me for a chat. It’s the sweetest thing to get a call from someone like this.

She wanted to tell me it was her birthday today, hear my news and tell me she missed me.

She wanted to hear how myself and my girlfriend were doing since we moved to a new city. Was she settled in her job, and were we still as happy as the last time she saw us.

I played music in my town before moving and she told me the last time she was out was that night she came to see me sing in one of the pubs. She’s my oldest fan, but my dearest friend.

I got emotional thinking about this call afterwards. Too often we remember fondly people who were with us without appreciating them when they’re here. I wish I got calls like that from my Nana, but sadly she can’t ring me now. I miss her terribly, but tonight I was reminded of the beauty of older people and the great wisdom and life lessons they can teach you.

Pick up the phone. Ring your grandparents. Appreciate your time with them when they’re around. I’m lucky to have a replacement grandmother in this lady but you might not be as lucky.

The heart has no wrinkles!

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