Don’t seek approval, approve yourself first!


Too often we base how we feel about ourselves on the approval of other people.

I have definitely known myself to seek the approval of other people if I perceive them to be better than me in any way! I remember always comparing myself to other people in school or college and if I felt they were better than me I would try to impress them because I needed them to approve of me.

What I should’ve done is approve of myself and realise once I do, that I didn’t need anyone else to approve of me!

I realised people will have their own opinions of you and you can’t change these so what I did instead was focus on my intention and why I was doing the things. If I knew my intention was good and I meant good than if people perceived it badly then that’s their decision rather than my action. You can tell 2 people they look great and they can react in totally different ways!

I think the reason we seek approval is because as kids, we are getting love and attention from our parents without question and then one day they tell us no, you’re bold, don’t do that. And where once we could do no wrong, it felt like our parents were withholding their love if we did what they didn’t like. So we sought their approval and have done so ever since.

We sometimes carry this with us into our lives, even sometimes needing the approval of total strangers! Imagine someone you’ve just met, and their opinion matters more to you than your own who you’ve spent your entire life with!! Funny how the mind works!

So approve of yourself, you’re awesome, you’ve got so much to offer the world, you’ve gifts and talents that the world needs, so get out there and share them! If your intention is good, there will always be people who will try to hold you back or tell you you’re wrong, but keep on keeping on! Bring your goodness to the world!!

The world deserves your best, rather than your doubts, don’t die with your music in you!

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