Remember this one thing


Sometimes it’s tough to remember how great you are. We get so caught up in the daily problems and issues we face instead of reflecting on the things that make us who we are and the things we’re capable of.

One of the big things recently for me on a Leadership program I was coaching on was how micro (for now) what I do is in the scale of the company which is macro and global. I love how this applies to life and the issues or problems we encounter on a daily basis!

We sometimes get so caught up in the detail of our problems and challenges and don’t realise that tomorrow this will be much more minor that you think it is today. Sometimes we can get stressed out about things like this rather than putting them in perspective.

How I think about this is just to remember it’s micro in the scale of your life and the scale of the world! So don’t stress, don’t worry about your problems, find a way to change your state to get you into an empowering mood to overcome your challenges! See them as learning opportunities. Remember your successes and other times when you’ve already overcome things like this in the past. Practice mindfulness. Go for a walk. Read or listen to something motivational. Spend some time with friends.Then go back and you’ll attack your problems with a new energy!

Just remember you’re amazing and have more to offer the world than you realise! You’ll encounter challenges along the way but you’ll overcome them!

What’s worked for you in the past with challenges? What do you do to change your state?

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