Failure and why I don’t like it!

I made a mistake today. Something insignificantly small. Observing my reactions to this little mistake was interesting and worth writing about because it became clear why I don’t like failing. 

I became irritable, closed off and repeated the mistake over and over in my head. Wondering what a fool could do something so silly. Wondering if I can’t get this right how can I get the big stuff right? Wondering is this what’s been holding me back from trying anything big – this fear of making a mistake? Letting people down? Creating more work for others?

Worth sharing I think – we all fail. Sometimes on purpose, other times by accident. Being ok with failure is going to help you move forward, be kinder to people around you and bring you more success. 

Deliberately get something wrong today – try it out and see how it feels. Get used to the uncomfortable feeling. It’s worth being in control when it happens and practiced controlling your responses to failure rather than just reacting. 

4 thoughts on “Failure and why I don’t like it!

    1. Love it! Where did you hear of that word? I love the embracing of a perceived flaw. Makes it ok to be human that isn’t perfect – and be awesome because of it!

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