Motivation for 2017 

Motivation. Why do we feel bad when we’re looking external for motivation? Why do we think if we ask for help there’s something wrong with us? 
We’re not born knowing how we’re motivated. We have to read, learn or speak to people who have done this to help you along the way. There’s nothing wrong with this. You’re given a brain at birth and never taught how it works or how to make it work for you. 
We’re in a world of perfect. Everything has to be perfect. Now. That’s not the way anything worthwhile works. There’s failure along the way. There’s mistakes. There’s learning. There’s asking for help. 
Don’t be afraid at this time of New Years resolutions to get caught up in the – “I have to set New Years resolutions and they have to be amazing and life changing.” Normally the changes that make the biggest difference and change in your life are the smallest. Small, daily, consistent tasks repeated to make a positive change become life changing habits. On the first day of this year or any year if you go to the gym and do a 4 hour workout because that’s what the pros do, you’ll feel horrible and never go back or at least associate pain with the gym. If instead you went for a 5 minute walk you’d feel like it wasn’t that big of a deal and be able to think about doing it daily. 
Don’t wait for perfect. Just do one thing, or 2 things, consistently towards goals you want. 
And then have the best year ever when you realise how much of an impact little changes consistently done can have… 
Come back here for motivation if you need it. They say motivation is like bathing, that’s why they recommend it daily.

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