Give value first – then get value 

I did a post recently on the 3 things people could do to increase their luck. The first of these was to always give value first before you expect to receive it.

Too often we think the world owes us something. That because we’re here and alive people should fall at our feet and rejoice! The world doesn’t work like that. In media we’re always told to become the fittest, the best looking, the healthiest etc. that we can buy their product and they’ll solve all our problems. As Tommy Cooper would say, “just like that!”

I don’t think think the world works like that. I think that we should stop focusing on ourselves and instead focus on others first. Instead of asking yourself “What can I get today?” imagine asking yourself: “How can I serve others today?” Imagine the change in your focus, and the change in your energy! Focusing on others and seeing their happiness as a result of something we’ve done, is probably the best feeling ever!

How can I serve others today?

So how can you serve today? I think one way is to share your gifts and your talents. If you have a talent or a gift, your purpose in life is to share this with others and brighten up their day seeing your gifts! 

I also think a great way is just to give your time and undivided attention. Imagine speaking to someone and they’re not focused on you, they’re tapping away on their phone, writing messages to people who aren’t there? How does that feel? Have you done this to others? Imagine instead having a conversation with someone and you know there’s nowhere they’d rather be and they’re focused fully on you, right here, right now. What’s the difference in how you feel because of this? Imagine doing this for others what it would do for them!

So go be present, go serve and go give value to others without looking for others in return. See how it feels and reflect on how no matter how much you give, you always seem to receive more.

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