Daily consistent effort, giving value before you expect it and iterating your approach to the environment as it is = goal achievement?

Too often we hear people who give up after committing to something for an extremely short amount of time. 

We’ve lost patience for the outcomes we want, and instead of blaming our consistency, blame the system we’ve followed to achieve the success. 

Instead, be patient. Take small steps daily that take you closer to your goal and allow momentum to do it’s job. You look after your daily steps, it’ll look after your success. Leave it to it. 

Giving to people can produce immeasurable benefits and good feelings to you. Keep giving of yourself. Your time. Your gifts. Your effort. And expect nothing in return. 

Too often we don’t adjust to the world or our new place in our lives. We’re aiming for something that doesn’t align with who we are now or where the world is now. We’ll self sabotage and wonder why we’re not achieving what we wanted. Check in with yourself often. Ask yourself what will that get me? What’s important about that? Do I value this? Will I value this? 

Does all of this equal goal achievement? Maybe. Maybe not. Depends what you do. You know the answers – just do it. 

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