15 challenges to start your new year


Instead of setting resolutions, I set challenges for myself every year.

This is a list of 15 challenges I have found helpful previously in my personal development and wellbeing. I’ve noticed some changes in my energy and my interactions with those around me from taking these challenges.

1. Smile at the person who makes you coffee and ask them how their day is going
2. Go for a walk in nature
3. Write down how you’re feeling today
4. Speak to 2 strangers and notice something about them
5. Do something that scares you
6. Instead of setting a goal, do three things to improve an area of your life
7. Send someone a note letting them know what you appreciate about them
8. Do a workout for at least 10 minutes that makes you breathe heavily and sweat
9. Take 100% responsibility for your life
10. Connect with an old friend and let them know the positive things you remember about them
11. Notice and offer help or support
12. Ask someone you work with if they’d like to go for a walk or get a coffee
13. Read a book
14. Do something you enjoyed and used to do when you were younger and haven’t done for years
15. Listen to something uplifting – music, a video etc.

Which of these can you try today? This week? This month?

Let me know which you’ve done or tried!

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