Start local when thinking of purpose

The current situation has, I think, made things feel more local.

We speak to our neighbours more, we shop more locally and when restricted to certain areas, we have to walk, cycle or run more locally too.

I was thinking of this and the link to life purpose, and drew two options A and B of how I’m making sense of it.

When thinking of life purpose we often think about something lofty and grand that benefits the world (B) and get overwhelmed and so don’t start.

What may give us more of a sense of contribution, more of a sense of progress, more of a sense of connection and more of a sense of courage to continue is to start local (A) with the person or groups around you like your neighbours, and make a difference to them by bringing your gifts to them or making their life a little easier.

I think self-development is also the same. We can start small with micro-habit changes and build up, both our confidence and our performance (A).

Or we try to do too much at once and eventually give up or lose motivation to keep all of the things happening (B).

Find one person to make their lives better. Find one improvement you can make in your own life.

Start today. If you do this with excellence, you might just find it scales up to a bigger group, and you never know, maybe someday you’ll change the world.

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