“There is no change without resistance.”

“There is no change without resistance.”

Any changes we make or want to make – physical or mental – create an element of resistance from our bodies and minds.

It could be a change to our level of fitness that we’ve set out to achieve.

Once you set this as a goal, your homeostasis (keep things the same/easy) response will kick in and come up with reasons (excuses?) to avoid the change.

If the goal was a mental one – we’re going to improve our presentation skills – there may be resistance in the form of nerves or worry about messing up in front of people and so we come up with reasons (excuses?) to avoid taking action.

Become aware of this resistance. If you feel it, you’re already in the process of change.

Resistance won’t disappear, you just learn to invite it as a friend on the journey of your growth listening to what it has to tell you but improving and growing anyway.

Have you experienced this before? How do you know when resistance is happening to you?

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