Move more, it starts with wiggling your toes

We did a full day of movement assessment training yesterday as part of the fitness instructing course I’m doing at the moment.

My result – I need to move a lot more 😂

I normally exercise a lot to undo the sitting and inactivity during the day.

I never realised the impact of doing thousands of repitions (if running or cycling for example) can have on our bodies if we don’t have a good foundation of movement quality.

If my movement quality is low, and I start higher up this pyramid with weight or speed for example, then injury and soreness isn’t an if, it’s when – because it’s more likely to happen because the repitions are bad quality.

It starts ground up, literally with your feet! Start walking barefoot more & wiggling your toes to undo squashing in shoes.

What I will be doing after wiggling my toes is CARS – Controlled Articular Rotations – which more or less prepare your body for increased ranges of movement.

I’ll post a video I would refer to for a morning routine example of these in the comments.

For lower back pain, my lower back pain is lumbar for example, the approach seems to focus on either hip mobility (below)or thoracic spine mobility (above) as an antidote because the lumbar spine’s job is not movement but stability.

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