Slow is smooth and smooth is fast

“Slow is smooth and smooth is fast” Phil Dunphy

Phil Dunphy is from the show Modern Family and has some hilarious and interesting phrases and sayings.

This one, while working out on Sunday, was used by one of the instructors on the course and it’s so true.

If we can’t do something well, with quality, slowly, we shouldn’t do it fast or we’ll eventually run into problems.

What sometimes puts us off going slower, or taking tiny steps, is that it feels like it’s below us.

We often think taking smaller steps is not useful or couldn’t possibly work.

Then we continue to do nothing.

Or we aim for a step too far away that is too much of a stretch and so isn’t useful for us to make any progress.

Instead, start with the smallest possible step and learn more, quicker, along the path.

Use the smaller steps as new places to test, observe, experiment, learn and then push off from.

You won’t go down the wrong road as quickly.

You might just make progress too 😊

Suggestions from Tim Ferris, smallest possible action you could take:

– One press-up a day
– Floss one tooth a day
– One moment of gratitude a day
– One mindful breath a day
– One moment of self-care

Just start.


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