Fish discover water last

Fish discover water last.

George Kelling a criminologist came up with the broken window theory: “A broken window that isn’t fixed, suggests that no one is in charge and no one cares”

This sends an unspoken but powerful message that encourages antisocial behaviour.

We are shaped by subtle cues from an environment that drive both our positive and negative behaviours.

We remain unaware of most of these cues.

We then lose the opportunity to shape ourselves into more of who we want to be.

The first step is to tune in, listen and become aware of our environment and the cues it may be giving us.

One environment is our news and social feeds, and so curating your network like an art gallery curator becomes a useful step.

Another step is to tune in and listen internally to your own values and beliefs.

This may help you find where the environment and your own identity mismatch.

This may give you some useful information about a possible change or shift in behaviour or environment.

Fish discover water last.

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