The intent behind stress is positive (protecting us from threat), stress is relative and it’s not always just about the external stressor but our perception of the stressor.

Three factors universally lead to stress: lack of information, uncertainty and loss of control.

Providing these for your team or people around you can make a difference to reduce their stress.

Stress is a physiological response which means stress is held in our bodies. This means our bodies hold some of the antidote to stress.

Stress can also build up over time and there needs to be a release.

Different to worry and anxiety, there’s a few antidotes to stress:

  • We need to move when we’re stressed.
  • We need to come back to what’s in our control rather than being overwhelmed by everything out of our control.
  • Don’t compare what stresses you versus others, stress is relative.

A few things I’ve learned:

  • Rhythmic breathing (3 in, 3 out for example) Dr. Alan Watkins has amazing work here.
  • Move your body whether a walk, run or dance!
  • Increase your capability to meet the challenges you’re facing.
  • Know when it’s useful to ask for help to share tasks rather than hold everything, while stressed.
  • Bio-energetic movement patterns – Dr. Alexander Lowen has some amazing work here.

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