Top public speaking tips I’ve learned

Top tips I’ve learned the hard way when speaking to groups either remotely or in-person:


  • Prepare your content & tailor to the audience. Prepare, then trust your ability.
  • Remember you have a body. Drink some water, move gently to energise rather than holding nerves as they build before you start.
  • Breathe deeply with a steady rhythm beforehand to move your attention to your body.
  • Less coffee. Too much for me causes increased excitation in my body which could be misunderstood to be anxiety as I’m speaking.


  • Speak to one person at a time. Don’t try speak to a group. It’s impossible & you won’t connect authentically.
  • Virtually: look at the camera as much as you can so it feels like eye contact.
  • In-person: make eye contact around the room, not just the friendlies.
  • Don’t forget to breathe.
  • Don’t draw a box with your feet. Ground yourself through even weight distribution between both feet.


  • Appreciate the opportunity. I move on too quick afterwards. Pause and reflect.
  • Be kind in your reflection, you will focus on bad, others won’t have noticed most of what you notice.
  • Ask for feedback & referrals if applicable.
  • Update content based on what you learned or heard so your content connects more deeply.

Happy to be wrong!

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