The only person you should compete against

When you create a goal, even if you haven’t yet, you may have noticed your tendency to compare to other people around you.

You decide you want to lose weight and see 6-pack pictures everywhere.

You decide you want to start a business and you hear of teenagers making thousands of pounds everyday.

Your social circles can also nudge you to start noticing, in comparison to others, how you could improve.

This can be good.

If you’re surrounding yourself with people that push you to become a better version of yourself.

Often though, it can result in you pausing.

In delaying.

You never start because the distance between where you are, and where others are seems too great for you to travel.

How many dreams and wishes have you had that you didn’t pursue because of how uncomfortable it was to start or build skills?

Imagine scaling this to everyone in the world – what have you lost out on because of others giving up?

What songs did you not hear?

What art have you not seen?

What books have you not read?

What jokes have you not heard?


Compete against who you were, yesterday.

Who you were yesterday didn’t know what you know now.

Who you were yesterday didn’t have the skills you’ve developed since yesterday.

Who you were yesterday was doing the best you could with what you could at the time.

It’s a fairer competition than one where the person started on their journey 10 years ahead of you.

It’s a fairer competition and it’s one that will push you on.

You will feel that everyday, in comparison to yesterday, becoming someone better is easier.

You will feel in making progress, a realisation you’re playing a different game than others.

And that’s ok.

Don’t compete with others.

Compete with who you were yesterday.

Compete with your authenticity.

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