being present while growing – is there such a thing?

One of my new coaching clients is a multi-millionaire.

They have a really successful business which is growing at a rapid rate.

Yet they are lost.

Work and life is totally out of balance and this person wants to find fulfilment again.

This is NOT to say having money = getting lost or makes them bad people so therefore don’t make money.

That’s misguided, not your story and does a disservice to the person trying to do the work on themselves.

And you.

This person has all of the external ‘stuff’ that we’re told makes you successful.

Car, house, family, holidays, business etc.

The answer to internal questions cannot be solved with external ‘stuff.’

Instead, it’s a look within, a discovering and recovering who we are, what’s important to us and what we want in our lives.

This does not come from looking at next, initially, but at what is right now.

Seeing clearly what is going on right now and opening up to reality right now starts the journey.

You start to peel back what is holding you back from experiencing the moment.

Is it beliefs?

Is it stories you’ve inherited?

Is it insecurities?


Lack of awareness?

Typically it comes down to fear and bringing expectations to ourselves, the moment in front of us and other people.

We want it to be different than what it is.

We want us to be different than who we are.

This is not your story.

This is a: when you buy XYZ, then you’ll be happy/successful/important/loved/loveable etc. type of story.

It comes at you from everywhere.

No followers on social media? We can fix that.

What do you drive? Oh you’ll want to drive one of these instead.

Where do you shop? Oh wait until you see what we have in our store.

Who are you? Oh no, you should be more like this hunk or beauty – buy our aftershave / perfume / car / product…

I don’t watch TV anymore.

I rarely see the news (once or twice a year by accident).

I’m ignorant to a lot of this.

However, I’m also getting to experience more of myself and the world I currently experience.

Right now.

We’ve become so disconnected from ourselves, other people, meaningful work, a meaningful future and hope that we’re primed for companies to come in promising us something we think we’re lacking to make up for the emptiness within.

This chasing for external stuff I think is different than internal growth.

Internal growth is actually an opening up to reality, a removing / letting go of the stories that hold us back from experiencing the moment and a deeper understanding of the self.

I think, and have felt, that this inner growth actually happens in the moment by moment experiencing of life.

Counter-intuitive – maybe.

Paradoxical – definitely.

What do you think?

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