Why nature is always the answer

‘The caterpillar can’t get to being a butterfly by getting fatter. At a certain point, it has to dissolve its structure, create a new pattern among its imaginal cells, and from that the butterfly will emerge. Organisations will go on getting fatter, but they won’t of themselves turn into butterflies’

Bill Sharpe, 3 Horizons Thinking

When I read this quote today, it hit me deeply.

At a point, we must dissolve parts of who we are and were.

To become what we might become.

Dissolving, allowing something to disintegrate means letting go and allowing those parts to leave us.

This means a mourning or grief response.

When we get good at this ending, the process of change opens up to us.

The challenge is we’re not rehearsed in endings.

We’re really good at beginnings.

And so we gather new rather than letting go of old.

We feel overwhelmed rather than the lightness that comes from letting go.

What weight are you carrying that you could let go of?

What might that allow you to become?


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