Mastermind notes and reflections

I coach on a mastermind who meet quarterly, some notes and takeaways from this quarter’s meeting – which takeaway did you need to hear?

  • Creating communities around people with similar goals and challenges helps people feel less alone, more empowered but also more accountable.

Takeaway: If you want to upgrade your results, surround yourself with people on a similar path.

  • Feeling (different to actually experiencing) scarcity about clients, money etc. will cause you to play safe and not take calculated risks on yourself.

Takeaway: Create enough certainty, get an accurate map of reality objectively and always back yourself.

  • Too much systemisation / delegation of your business removes some of the connection and energy you built the business with.

Takeaway: Notice when you feel energy or the emotions you want to feel more of and do more of those things. Always follow your heart and what it wants to express!

  • Some people would love to have your problems. It’s ok to want something different but don’t forget other people would love what you’re currently experiencing, even if it’s problems to you.

Takeaway: We don’t know how lucky we are until we get to contrast it with someone else.

  • Without stretch you won’t grow. Without growth, life and your business loses some of its vibrancy.

Takeaway: Build more stretch personally and professionally into your life so you’re excited, challenges and moving forward.

  • Even those that seem to have “made it” have challenges – be empathetic rather than judge them.

Takeaway: Seek first to understand then be understood 😊

  • Only when your values are tested do they become owned. You can bow to others or you can choose authenticity. Always choose authenticity.

Takeaway: It’s not easy, but diamonds form under pressure. Your values are your diamonds.

  • Without a vision of the future that is brighter than today, you’ll get lost in the chaos of today and feel like you’re hamster wheeling going nowhere but burning out.

Takeaway: Create a vision, it doesn’t have to be perfect (it never will be!) and get acting towards that so you have some direction THEN update the vision once you’re moving!

  • Obstacles will appear. That’s not the challenge, your thinking about them is the challenge.

Takeaway: “The Obstacle Is The Way” as Ryan Holiday says 😊

  • Space – time off, extra money, space in business – we judge as bad. Don’t. It’s space that’s needed in a crowded world.

Takeaway: Allow space in your day, business, career, leadership, calendar etc. Where can the future fit if today is full of yesterdays demands?!

How do you find communities to grow within?

I’m thinking of creating a mastermind of business owners and leaders within businesses – let me know if you’d be interested in joining!

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