Transformation done well?

Who is doing change and transformation well and how are they doing it?

I think there’s at least 2 audiences at play within this:

– Employees who are resistant to change
– Employees who want more responsibility but without the leader stepping in don’t follow through

Beyond money, purpose, autonomy and mastery are noted as drivers of engagement but what if they aren’t working for the employees anymore – where do we go?

Is it an energy challenge of a different kind?

A systemic challenge in the speed that we struggle to keep up with?

These are becoming themes in some of my coaching conversations recently.

The space between the future and present and sitting here with the discomfort of the middle.

Some use-cases:

Your team members say they want to progress, get given responsibilities and don’t meet deadlines without the leader stepping in – what is a useful response to this?

Everyone resists change initially but how much time / patience is too much before things have to move forward?

Is the system around leaders just not set up to allow people to change at their own pace and is that the challenge rather than individual?

I can’t be on my own having these conversations.

My fear is AI / automation will be pushed to solve this messiness / chaos and people jump towards it without thinking of the consequences…

What do you think?

My first reflection is on safe experiments where people can “try on” the new without repercussion.

They get a feel for the new world, embody it and so can notice the new set of feelings and things around and within them.

E.g. Test new behaviours with the manager in giving more direct feedback.

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