Lucky? Nope…

A client of mine was told recently “You’re so lucky” after they started experiencing more success.

Being told success is because of luck ignores:

  • The willingness to lean into discomfort,
  • The openness to constant learning,
  • The doubts overcome,
  • The hours invested,
  • The work done…
  • etc….

It also increases the feeling of being an ‘imposter’ because the results aren’t yours.

They are owned by luck.

This is bullsh*t.

Own your success.

Reflect on all that has contributed towards your success and results.

You deserve it.

Instead, if you listen to those who tell you that you’re lucky, then you’ll not own or hold your success within you.

You’ll move it outside of you again to luck and so experience more doubts and insecurities.

Own your success.

Embody it.

Confidence comes from continuously collecting undeniable evidence.

Start collecting and capturing evidence today.

Your confidence and potential awaits.


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