In life and leadership, when you get lost in the storm, it’s a lonely place.

The storms of life and leadership are those times that test you and challenge you.

You look around and nothing is how you thought it would be.

You’ve gotten pulled along, unconsciously, in a direction you didn’t choose.

Until you can ground yourself, get clear, generate energy and have the confidence to act, you will go wherever the storm takes you.

Gravity is powerful.

The gravity of negativity.

The gravity of hysteria and panic.

The gravity of doubt and fear.

Gravity will pull you down and backwards.

Survival at all costs.

Survival isn’t the same as feeling alive.

What if you’re surviving but feel empty?

You must create an alternative in your mind and body.

You must redirect your time, energy and attention in the direction you choose.

Or gravity takes over.

You get swept away in the storm wondering how you got where you are.

In business and life, this holds true.

In business, waking up wondering why you’re in a career that does nothing for you other than pay well, with difficult peers and teams that just execute in opposite directions.

In life, you could end up unhealthy, feeling tired all of the time, with relationships suffering around you, with few real friends or interests outside of work.

It’s a lonely place.

Who do you speak to in those moments?

Who do you have in your corner?

It’s solveable.

There is an antidote.

It starts with backing yourself.

Getting clear on what is important to you.

Getting clear on what you could do right now.

Taking action.

Back yourself.

Don’t wake up in the aftermath of a storm.

Choose your path through

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