A bumblebee in a lunchbox

Every time you repeat a story or belief about what’s possible for you, you are reinforcing containers to your potential.

This image is how I tried to explain it to a coaching client recently.

We fall in love with the safety, control and certainty that the cages or containers around us give us.

For example, if you say: “I could never do that” you feel safe that you won’t fail.

You also limit the possibility of being able to do it someday.

You’ve contained your potential.

It’s like a fixed mindset 2.0.

1.0 fixed mindset is ‘I am the way I am and I can’t get better’

2.0 fixed mindset is ‘I’ll stay the way I am so I don’t get better’

It’s a bullsh*t story.

Please stop letting beliefs contain you and your potential.

Becoming more of who you are and role-modelling this for others will change lives.

Re-authoring these beliefs and stories we tell about ourselves, other people and the world will change the world.


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