the fly and coaching

What’s the fly got to do with coaching?

I use an image of a fly in presentations, last year I used it in front of roughly 250 personal trainers and gym owners in the audience with some amazing speakers from around the UK and Ireland on stage.

I was MCing the 2 day conference and also a keynote speaker on day one.

I use this image and story when I first start a lot of my talks.

The story goes that the fly is banging relentlessly into the window.

The fly is under the illusion if it tries harder, it will achieve its goal: to get outside.

If the fly paused long enough, it would see to the right of the closed window an open door.

Pausing long enough – you see a different path that takes you to your goal – that’s lesson one from this story.

I spoke to a sports psychologist about this though and they told me there’s a second part to the story.

Banging into the window, relentlessly, is a known pain.

The open door is the unknown.

We’d rather repeat the same patterns and habits than go into the unknown.

So we rarely achieve what it is that we want.

Where are you like the fly?

What’s your window?

What’s your open door?

It’s possible.


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